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Table 10 Effect of compost tea, dry yeast and their mixture on fruit nutritional values of sweet pepper during 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

From: Response of sweet pepper plants to foliar application of compost tea and dry yeast under soilless conditions

Treatments Calcium (%) Vit. C (mg/100gm)
1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season
Control 1.48d 1.59d 72.49g 75.23g
CT 10 L./fed 1.61c 1.67cd 81.05f 84.93f
CT 20L./fed 1.67c 1.63d 81.97f 86.68e
DY 3 g/L 1.64c 1.66cd 81.68f 86.38e
DY 6 g/L 1.70bc 1.78bcd 83.23e 87.73d
CT 10L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 1.72bc 1.85bc 84.60d 88.17cd
CT 10L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 1.79b 1.88b 85.97c 88.87c
CT 20L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 1.80b 1.91b 87.13b 92.60b
CT 20 L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 2.01a 2.14a 89.33a 94.52a
  1. *Values followed by the same letter (s) are not significantly different at 5%