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Table 4 Types of interactions in the PF-04691502-4JT6 (mTOR) receptor complex

From: A theoretical insight in interactions of some chemical compounds as mTOR inhibitors

Distance Types From From Chemistry To To Chemistry Angle DHA Angle HAY
1.769 Conventional Hydrogen Bond A:TYR867:HH H-Donor :RES1:O2 H-Acceptor 164.087 114.502
1.897 Conventional Hydrogen Bond A:VAL882:HN H-Donor :RES1:O3 H-Acceptor 151.228 123.806
2.653 Carbon Hydrogen Bond A:TRP881:HA H-Donor :RES1:O3 H-Acceptor 141.934 104.673
2.820 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H11 H-Donor A:GLY880:O H-Acceptor 109.087 162.538
2.234 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H16 H-Donor :RES1:O1 H-Acceptor 116.259 97.605
2.713 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H9 H-Donor A:GLY880:O H-Acceptor 127.216 138.529
5.235 Alkyl A:VAL882 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.295 Alkyl A:MET953 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.170 Alkyl A:ILE963 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.259 Pi–Alkyl A:TYR867 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
5.096 Pi–Alkyl A:TRP881 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
5.424 Pi–Alkyl A:TRP881 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
4.764 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:LEU831 Alkyl   
4.657 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:LEU831 Alkyl   
5.300 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE879 Alkyl   
4.155 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl   
5.212 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl   
4.390 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE879 Alkyl   
5.432 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl   
5.162 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE804 Alkyl   
5.367 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:LEU831 Alkyl