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Table 5 Effect of different rates of both Eruca sativa and Sinapis alba seed powder on yield and yield attributes of Pisum sativum at harvest (combined analysis of two seasons)

From: The dual allelopathic capacity of two Brassicaceae plants’ seed powder in controlling Orobanche crenata infesting Pisum sativum as well as stimulating its growth and yield

TreatmentsYield and yield components of Pisum sativum
Number of pods/plantFresh weight of pods/plant (g)Dry weight of pods/plant (g)Number of seeds/pod
Pisum sativum (P.)4.169.492.065.25
Pisum sativum (P.) + Orobanche crenata (O.)1.592.210.532.17
P. + O. + Basamid at 0.2 g/pot4.008.941.974.69
P. + O. + Eruca sativa (E.) at 12.5 g/kg soil5.9012.372.695.84
P. + O. + E. at 25 g/kg soil4.7010.062.305.41
P. + O. + E. at 37.5 g/kg soil3.978.271.834.27
P. + O. + E. at 50 g/kg soil3.946.741.484.08
P. + O. + Sinapis alba (S.) at 12.5 g/kg soil5.5310.182.355.64
P. + O. + S. at 25 g/kg soil5.409.842.225.16
P. + O. + S. at 37.5 g/kg soil3.904.150.933.78
P. + O. + S. at 50 g/kg soil2.783.230.713.49
LSD at 5%0.991.020.310.85
  1. P. Pisum sativum, O. Orobanche crenata, E. Eruca sativa, S. Sinapis alba