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Table 3 Germination index II of the test plant upon exposure to cold shock

From: Variations in growth and genetic properties of Zea mays L. germinants exposed to cold shock

Time of exposure (h) Mean germination time (h) Coefficient of the velocity of germination (d−1) Germination capacity (%) Germination rate (d−1) Mean daily germination (%d−1)
0 116.2a 0.207a 90.5a 1.6a 12.9a
0.5 113.8a 0.211a 70.5b 1.4a 10.2ab
1.5 115.9a 0.207a 60.7b 1.1ab 8.6ab
3 111.6a 0.215a 50.5c 1.1ab 7.1ab
6 114.6a 0.211a 40.5cd 0.8bc 5.7bc
12 116.6a 0.206a 30.0d 0.5c 4.3c
p value 0.613 0.427 0.002 0.036 0.067
  1. The mean on a similar column with the same alphabetic superscripts do not differ from each other (p > 0.05)