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Table 1 Effects of cold shock germination parameters of maize at 7 days after germination initiation

From: Variations in growth and genetic properties of Zea mays L. germinants exposed to cold shock

Parameters Control 0.5 h 1.5 h 3 h 6 h 12 h p value
Length of prominent root (mm) 141.8a 107.2b 91.4b 97.2b 104.4b 108.2b 0.054
Length of prominent leaf (mm) 100.6a 83.6b 62.6b 83.4b 85.5b 76.2b 0.128
Length of sheath (mm) 46.2a 45.6a 31.6a 46.3a 46.6a 48.8a 0.302
Number of roots b 6a 9a 8a 7a 7a 7a 0.429
Height (mm) 78.6a 67.7bc 52.3c 76.6ab 66.9bc 65.8c <0.001
Chlorophyll content (CCI) 3.7a 4.8a 6.9a 5.3a 5.6a 4.7a 0.082
Wet weight of root (g) 0.08a 0.06a 0.07a 0.08a 0.07a 0.04a 0.128
Wet weight of seedling (g) 0.24a 0.25a 0.16a 0.19a 0.22a 0.21a 0.219
Wet weight of leaf (g) 0.15a 0.15a 0.09a 0.25a 0.19a 0.14a 0.256
Wet weight of seed (g) 0.17a 0.26a 0.12a 0.23a 0.2a 0.22a 0.186
Dry weight of root (g) 0.04a 0.07a 0.05a 0.04a 0.06a 0.07a 0.267
Dry weight of seedling (g) 0.05a 0.05a 0.06a 0.07a 0.05a 0.06a 0.142
Dry weight of leaf (g) 0.04a 0.06a 0.08a 0.06a 0.06a 0.05a 0.464
Dry weight of seed (g) 0.11a 0.11a 0.14a 0.12a 0.09a 0.11a 0.392
  1. Mean on a similar row with the same alphabetic superscripts do not differ from each other (p > 0.05)
  2. aSeeds exposed in water for 2 days prior to shock
  3. bPresented to the nearest integer