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Table 4 Prior knowledge to digital dentistry

From: Perception, awareness, and attitude toward digital dentistry among pre-dental students: an observational survey

How many dental schools in the USA do you think to include digital dentistry in their curricula?  
 < 5 Dental Schools 51.6%
5–15 Dental Schools 45.2%
 > 16 Dental Schools 3.2%
Which dental field do you think utilizes digital dentistry the most?  
General Dentistry 46.9%
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 25%
Periodontics 9.4%
Prosthodontics 18.8%
Do you think that there will be a decline in the quality of patient care using digital dentistry?  
Yes, anything computerized loses the personal human touch or interaction 21.2%
Not at all 63.6%
Not if used in all steps 27.3%
How many hours/weeks do you think you will be studying in dental school?  
30–40 h 9.0%
40–60 h 51.5%
50–70 h 15.2%
70+ h 30.3%