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Table 1 Software applications used for solar PV systems performance analysis (Dondariya et al. 2018; Fuzen 2021; Khatib et al. 2012)

From: Assessment and performance analysis of roof-mounted crystalline stand-alone photovoltaic (SAPV) system at selected sites in South Africa

Software Software specifications Inputs required
PV*SOL It is used to carry out planning and simulation of the solar PV system, which includes load consumption and CO2 emissions saved Location description, meteorological parameters, system and auxiliary components requirements
Solargis Prospect It is an online simulation tool, satellite map supported for solar PV systems site evaluation, planning, and optimisation. It can also be applied to the comparative study of energy production among the various PV cell technologies Type of PV cell technologies, site coordinates, AC/DC losses, cable sizing, load demand
TRNSYS TRNSYS is a flexible graphically based software applied to simulate the behaviour of transitory systems, mainly used for simulations that are focussed on assessing the performance of electrical and thermal energy systems. TRNSYS can also be applied in the modelling of other dynamic systems, such as biological processes and traffic flow  
PVGIS It is an open-source research instrument for performing the evaluation of PV systems in geographical regions. Is a policymaking support system for the European union The mounting position, the sum of irradiance, monthly values of ambient conditions,
PVsys A PV systems design and simulation software and its scope include—An econo-technical feasibility study, system sizing, and data analysis of complete PV systems. The PV systems considered are stand-alone, pumping, grid-connected, and DC grid Albedo definition, site location description, system sizing conditions and parameters for a specific project