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Table 3 ResFinder results for resistance genes of 2 strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

From: Antibiogram profile prediction of selected bacterial strains by in silico determination of acquired antimicrobial resistance genes from their whole-genome sequence

S/N Species Strain Resistance genes Accession number Percentage identity (%) ResFinder predicted phenotype
1 P. aeruginosa PAO1 fosA ACWU01000146 99.51 FOS
catB7 AFO36933 100.00 CHL
blaPAO FJ666065 100.00 AMX, AMP, CEF, CFZ
2 P. aeruginosa NCTC 10332 fosA ACWU01000146 99.26 FOS
catB7 AFO36933 98.75 CHL
blaPAO AY08595 99.58 AMX, AMP, CEF, CFZ
blaOXA-396 AY306134 99.75 AMX, AMP, MER
blaOXA-494 AY597430 99.75 UBL
blaOXA-50 AY306130 99.75 AMX, AMP
  1. FOS Fosfomycin, CHL Chloramphenicol, AMX Amoxicillin, AMP Ampicillin, CEF Cefepime, CFZ Ceftzidime, MER Meropenem, UBL Unknown beta-lactam