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Table 2 ResFinder results for resistance genes of 2 strains of S. enterica

From: Antibiogram profile prediction of selected bacterial strains by in silico determination of acquired antimicrobial resistance genes from their whole-genome sequence

S/N Species Strain Resistance genes Accession number Percentage identity (%) ResFinder predicted phenotype
1 S. enterica PNUSAS252393 aac(6′)-laa NC_003197 97.95 AMK, TOB
2 S. enterica P-stx-12 aac(6′)-laa NC_003197 97.47 AMK, TOB
tet(B) AF32677 97.00 DOX, TET, MIN
  1. AMK Amikacin, TOB Tobramycin, DOX Doxycycline, TET Tetracycline, MIN Minocycline