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Table 7 Comparison of the maximum monolayer adsorption of phenols onto various adsorbents

From: Optimization of phenol adsorption from synthetic wastewater by synthesized BiFeO3 perovskite material, using split-plot central composite design

Adsorbent adsorbate qmax (mg/g) Reference
Granular activated carbon Phenol 214.13 Bingxin et al. (2020)
Acacia leucocephala powder 2-Chlorophenol 147.05 Nadavala and Kim. (2011)
Acacia leucocephala powder Phenol 94.33 Abdelkreem 2013
Olive mill waste Phenol 62.5 Mitiku and Khalid (2019)
Treated tea waste Phenol 2.801 Salim and Abdeslam (2014)
Untreated tea waste Phenol 2.906 Salim and Abdeslam (2014)
Sewage sludge-based adsorbent Phenol 26.16 Potgieter et al. (2009)
BiFeO3 Phenol 106.50 This work