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Table 7 Ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) of crude aqueous and methanolic extracts of leaves, stem and roots of Chasmanthera dependens and ascorbic acid

From: Antiplasmodial and in vitro antioxidant potentials of crude aqueous and methanol extracts of Chasmanthera dependens (Hochst)

Extracts Reducing power (RP0.5) Mathematical model Equation R2
CDRM 0.41 ± 0.05 Logistic dose response (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +{\left(\frac{x}{b}\right)}^{c}}\) 0.992
CDLM 0.52 ± 0.07 WeibullCum (a, b, c, d) \(y=a\left[1-\mathrm{exp}\left[-{\left[\frac{x+c{\left(In 2\right)}^{1/d}-b}{c}\right]}^{d}\right]\right]\) 0.998
CDSM 2.26 ± 0.11 Sigmoid (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +\mathrm{exp}\left(-\left(\frac{x-{x}_{0}}{b}\right)\right)}\) 0.973
CDRA 0.54 ± 0.05 Sigmoid (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +\mathrm{exp}\left(-\left(\frac{x-{x}_{0}}{b}\right)\right)}\) 0.965
CDLA 0.73 ± 0.04 Logistic dose response (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +{\left(\frac{x}{b}\right)}^{c}}\) 0.997
CDSA 2.67 ± 0.23 Sigmoid (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +\mathrm{exp}\left(-\left(\frac{x-{x}_{0}}{b}\right)\right)}\) 0.954
AA 0.18 ± 0.00 Logistic dose response (a, b, c) \(y=\frac{a}{1 +{\left(\frac{x}{b}\right)}^{c}}\) 0.953
  1. CDRM, C. dependens root methanol; CDLM, C. dependens leaves methanol; CDSM, C. dependens stem methanol; CDRA, C. dependens root aqueous; CDLA, C. dependens leaves aqueous; CDSA, C. dependens stem aqueous; AA, ascorbic acid