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Table 1 Summary of conducted studies on Cu detection by AAS in water samples

From: Recent trends of copper detection in water samples

Method Water sample Detection limit References
GFAAS Seawater 0.3–0.4 µg L−1
0.07 µg L−1
Huang and Shih (1993)
FAAS Wastewater 4 ppb Khayatian et al. (2018)
Samples were prepared by solid-phase extraction
River and sewage water ng mL−1 Taylor et al. (2020)
Samples were prepared by highly selective dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction
Water/food samples 0.60 μg L−1 Bagherian et al. (2019)
FAAS Water samples spiked with Cu With different atomic lines at 324.754 nm, 249.215 nm, and 224.426 nm, detection limits were 21, 310, and 1400 µg L−1, respectively Lima et al. (2010)
FAAS   1.5 µg L−1 Lemos et al. (2007)
Samples were prepared by cloud-point preconcentration
Seawater and river 0.04 µg L−1 Goudarzi (2007)
Samples were prepared by
dispersive liquid–liquid micro-extraction-slotted quartz tube (DLLME-SQT)
Wastewater, tap, and seawater 0.67 µg L−1 Özzeybek et al. (2017)