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Table 2 Pigment production, sugar utilization and biochemical characteristics of Streptomyces sp. SUI, Streptomyces sp. SW72IV and Streptomyces sp. SW72VII

From: Isolation, characterization, antimicrobial and other bioactivity profiles of three Streptomyces strains isolated from Lake Gerio, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

  Streptomyces. sp. SUI Streptomyces. sp. SW7IV Streptomyces. sp. SW72VII
Pigment production
ISP2 Tan Stone Gold
ISP5 Lovry Lovry Celadon
ISP7 Tan Grey Grey
Sugar utilization
Glucose +++ ++
Maltose +
Lactose +
Sucrose ++
Galactose +++
Fructose +++ +
Glycerol ++ +++
Arabinose ++
Rhamnose +++
D-mannitol +++ ++
Meso-Inositol +++ ++
Starch +++
Xylose +++ ++
Other biochemical tests
Catalase +ve +ve +ve
Methyl red +ve −ve −ve
Voges Proskauer −ve +ve −ve
Urease +ve −ve −ve
Gelatinase −ve +ve +ve
Oxidase +ve −ve −ve
Gram's reaction +ve +ve +ve
  1. −ve = Negative, +ve = Positive, − = not utilized, +  = fairly utilized, ++  = utilized, +++  = Highly utilized