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Table 2 Definition and description of sacrum parameters adopted from Kanika et al. (2011) and Shreekrishna et al. (2013)

From: Stature estimation study based on pelvic and sacral morphometric among Malaysian population

No Parameter(s) Description
P1S Sacral basal width Maximum transverse midpoint distance of the superior surface of sacrum that comprising of the two alae
P2S Transverse diameter S1 body Maximum transverse midpoint diameter of the articular surface of the body of first sacral vertebra (S1)
P3S Anteroposterior (A-P) diameter S1 body Antero-posterior distance from the midpoint of sacral promontory up to the midpoint on the posterior border of S1 body
P4S Average ala width Maximum straight distance of the sacral ala from the right transverse diameter of the S1 body
P5S Sacral height The midpoint of the sacral promontory to the middle of antero-inferior border of the fifth sacral vertebra
P6S Average auricular surface length Maximum distance of the superior-inferior inner border of auricular surface on lateral aspect of sacrum
P7S Average ala A-P length Antero-posterior distance from the lateral posterior most point up to lateral anterior most point on the superior border of the ala