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Table 3 Various terpenoids in genus Fritillaria and their uses

From: Traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of genus Fritillaria—a review

S. No. Species of Fritillaria Chemical constituents Uses References
1 Fritillaria imperialis Tricyclic diterpenes; isopimara-7,15-dien-19-oic acid, Prolyl endopeptidase inhibitory activity Atta-ur-Rahman et al. (2005)
2 Fritillaria ebeiensis Diterpenoids: fritillebinides A and B, fritillebins A and B, fritillebic acid, fritillebinol, fritillebin R, fritillcbin C, fritillebin D, acetal diterpenoid dimer fritillebinide C. kaurane diterpenes: 1.ent-3β-butanoyloxykaur-15-en-17-ol (105) 2: ent-kaur-15-en-17-ol (106) 3: ent-kaur-15-en-3β,17-diol (107) 4: ent-3β-acetoxykaur-15-en-17-ol (108) 5: ent-kauran-16B,17-diol (109) two labdane diterpenes with structure 6α,7β-dihydroxy-labda-8 (17),12(E),14-triene (103) and 6-oxo-2α-hydroxy-labda-7,12(E), 14-triene (104), fritillebinides C, D and E Antitussive and expectorant effects. Neuroprotective activity against 1-methyl-4-phenyl-pyridinium (MPP+)-induced neuronal cell death in human dopaminergic neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. Anti-AChE and Anti-BChE activity in vitro. Strong antitumour activity in inhibiting the growth of the solid type of hepatoma and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice Yu et al. (1985); Li et al. (1995a, b), Bandara and Wimalasiri (1988), Wu et al. (1999, 1995), Ruan et al. (2002), Zhang et al. (2005a, b), Lin et al. (2006a, b), Chen et al. (2008a, b, 2011), Xu et al. (2011a, b), Zhang et al. (2013)
3 F. hupehensis Cycloartane-type triterpenoids; 25-hydroxyl-9,19-cycloart-22-ene-3-one, (23Z)-9,19-cycloart-23-ene-3a,25-diol,9,19-cycloart-25-ene-3b,24j-diol, and cycloeucalenol (113). Cycloartane triterpenoids:triterpenoid (23Z)-9,19-cycloart-23-ene-3a,25-diol (110) and triterpenoid 9,19-cycloart-25-ene-3b,24j-diol (111) triterpenoids 25-hydroxyl-9,19-cycloart-22-ene-3-one (112) Cytotoxic activities against the human cervical squamous carcinoma (HeLa) and human hepatoma (HepG2) cell lines. Anti-AChE and Anti-BChE activity invitro Goebel and Schrempf (1972), Wu et al. (1999), Lin et al. (2006a, b), Pi et al. (2007), Zhang et al. (2007a, b, 2008b), Tong (2016)
4 Fritillaria anhuiensis BICYCLIC diterpenoid labdane (114) Shou et al. (2009)
5 F. thunbergii Thirteen diterpenoids: ent-kauran-16β isopimaran-19-ol, isopimaran-19-oic acid, methyl ester (115), 17-diol, ent-kauran-16α, 17-diol (116), ent-16β, 17-epoxy-kaurane, ent-16α-methoxy-kauran-17-ol, trans-comminic acid, ent-kaur-15-en-17-ol (106), trans-communol, methyl ester, ent-17-norkauran-16-one, ent-15β,16-epoxy-kauran-17-ol, ent-16β-hydroxy-kauran-17-yl ent-kaur-15-en-17-oate (118), and ent-(16S)-atisan-13, 17-oxide, ent-kauran-16β, 17-diol (109)trans-comminic acid, methyl ester (117) Kitajima et al. (1982a, b)