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Table 2 Phenotypic characterization of stress-tolerant bacteria isolated from soil samples (CSSRI, 24 South Paragonas)

From: Screening and identification of novel halotolerant bacterial strains and assessment for insoluble phosphate solubilization and IAA production

Isolates Characteristics of colony Characteristics of cells
Shape Margin Elevation Colour Size (mm) Motility Shape Gram staining
SB 1 Cir Ent Flat White 1–2  + ive Rod − ive
SB 2 Cir Ent Cvx Red 1–2  + ive Rod − ive
SB 3 Irre Und Flat Red 3–4  + ive Rod − ive
SB 4 Irre Und Flat Yellow 1–3 − ive Rod  + ive
SB 5 Cir Ent Cvx OW 2–4  + ive Coccoid − ive
  1. Cir Circular, Irre Irregular, Ent Entire, Und undulate, Cvx convex, OW Off white, − ive Negative, + ive Positive