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Table 3 Summary of the polymorphisms detected by AFLP system in 20 samples of the selected resistant population (FSEQLD7R) and 20 samples of the susceptible population (FBTARPBS) of flaxleaf fleabane

From: Genetic diversity and spread of glyphosate-resistant flaxleaf fleabane

PrimersTotal no. of bandsMonomorphic bandsPolymorphic bandsPolymorphism (%)
R VIC****2056913666.8
S VIC2055215375.0
RS, VIC, and FAM3995434586.5
  1. R* 20 samples of resistant population (FSEQLD7R), FAM** Pstl + primer ATC + Fluro (VIC), S*** 20 samples of susceptible population (FBTARPBS), VIC**** Pstl +primer ATC + Fluro (FAM)