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Table 1 Key commercial bionematicides and synthetic nematicides, their practical rates, and prices in Egypt*

From: Biological control of nematodes infecting eggplant in Egypt

Active ingredient Product name Application rate (product/Feddan−1)+ Price per Feddan
Abamectin produced during the fermentation process of Streptomyces avermitilis (soluble concentrate at 20 g/l) Tervigo 2% SC 2.5 L / Feddan L.E. 2000
Bacillus circulans, Serratia sp., B. thuringiensis, Pseudomonas sp., and Azotobacter sp. at 109 CFU/ml Micronema 30 L / Feddan (thrice) / year L.E. 600
Purpureocillium lilacinus (108 units/ml) Bio-Nematon 2 L/Feddan/ year L.E. 500
109 Serratia marcescens cells /ml water) Nemaless 10 L/Feddan (thrice)/ year L.E. 600
Cadusafos (O-ethyl S,S-bis (1-methylpropyl) phosphorodithioate) Rugby 10 G 24 kg/Feddan L.E. 6480
Oxamyl (methyl 2-(dimethylamino)-N-(methylcarbamoyloxy)-2 oxoethanimidothioate) Vydate 24% SL 4 L/Feddan (twice) / year L.E. 2800
  1. *The host range assumed by the producers on the product labels is not necessarily confirmed in neutral tests (Wilson and Jackson 2013)
  2. +The rates are evenly applied to the soil (except oxamyl for foliar application too). In some cases, these rates may be incorporated into potting mix, field soil, or applied in greenhouses for which other doses are used (Abd-Elgawad 2020a)