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Table 16 Comparison of pollution load index and modified degree of contamination with other regions

From: Estimation of pollution indices and hazard evaluation from trace elements concentration in coastal sediments of Kerala, Southwest Coast of India

Region Pollution load index Modified degree of contamination References
Coastal Kerala 0.0006–0.0047 0.013–0.129 Present study
Iraq, Euphrates River 0.45–1.15 Salah et al. (2012)
Jharkhand, India 0.97–1.14 Pandey et al. (2016)
Bay of Bengal 0.24–1.25 0.61–2.01 Sivakumar et al. (2016)
Bangladesh  < 1 1.5–5.34 Fahmida and Rafizul Islam (2019)
Iran 1.2–1.56 5.07–8,02 Vaezi et al. (2015)
Tamil Nadu 0.49–1.4 0.247–11.75 Devanesan et al. (2018)