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Table 3 Effects of essential oils on the insect biology and seed weight loss by Callosobruchus maculatus

From: Comparative evaluation of insecticidal properties of essential oils of some selected botanicals as bio-pesticides against Cowpea bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) [Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae]

Botanicals Dose (ml) Oviposition Adult emergence Weight loss (%)
Aframomum melegueta 0 180.33a 62.67a 7.73a
1 125.00ab 37.33ab 4.32b
3 91.00b 24.33b 2.98b
5 92.67b 14.33c 1.91c
Ficus exasperate 0 168.00a 68.67a 9.40a
1 155.67ab 38.67ab 4.89b
3 140.33b 29.33b 3.40b
5 129.33c 18.00c 2.48b
Tetrapleura tetraptera 0 165.67a 68.67a 7.62a
1 103.67b 38.67b 3.98b
3 105.67b 29.33b 2.33b
5 105.67b 18.00b 1.08c
Annona muricata 0 152.33a 61.00a 7.55a
1 143.67ab 34.67ab 4.53ab
3 120.67b 22.00b 2.93b
5 117.67b 3.67c 0.59c
Eucalyptus globules 0 159.33a 62.33a 8.69a
1 107.33ab 32.67b 4.05ab
3 115.33ab 23.67bc 2.30b
5 85.67b 15.33c 2.13b
  1. Means followed by the same letter along the column were not significantly different at 5% using Tukey’s test