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Table 2 In vitro shooting and rooting behaviors of Paulownia under the effect of salinity stress

From: Salinity tolerance improvement of in vitro propagated Paulownia tomentosa using proline

Salinity (ppm)Survival%Shootlets number/explantShootlet length (mm)Nodes number /shootletRooting%Roots numberRoot length (mm)
0.00100 a5.00 a26.28 a30.50 a100 a8.50 a23.33 a
500100 a5.67 a23.36 b18.67 c22.22 b0.67 b11.78 b
100088.89 ab3.67 b17.47 cd14.33 d11.11 b0.33 b5.00 bc
200077.78 ab3.67 b18.59 c20.67 b0.00.00.0
400061.11 b2.33 c15.42 d15.00 cd0.00.00.0