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Table 1 In vitro propagation ability of Paulownia tomentosa effecting by plant growth regulators

From: Salinity tolerance improvement of in vitro propagated Paulownia tomentosa using proline

CharacterSurvival %Shootlets number/explantShootlets length (cm)Rooting%
PGR (mg/l)
00033.33 e1.00 e3.23 fg50.00 f
0.20066.67 d1.33 de3.33 f28.83 g
0.40033.33 e0.97 e2.80 g25.33 h c1.83 cd4.83 d86.67 e
0.400.276.33 d1.60 cde4.16 e67.33 e a5.67 a6.96 a98.33 a b4.33 b6.10 b89.33 b cd3.67 b5.40 c82.00 d c2.33 c5.10 cd80.00 d