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Table 2 Organoleptic characteristics of pan bread as affected by addition of nano and fermented nano materials

From: Pan bread quality as affected by some nano and fermented-nano food industries by-products

Sample Symmetry of shape (5) Crust color (10) Break and shred (10) Crumb texture (15) Crumb color (10) Aroma (20) Taste (20) Mouth feel (10)
Pan bread made from wheat flours (control samples)
72% extraction 4.8A 9.3A 9.2A 14.2A 9.6A 18.9A 18.3A 9.0A
82% extraction 3.5CD 7.0BCDEF 6.9CDEF 10.8BCD 7.0CD 15.2BCD 16.1AB 7.7AB
100% extraction 2.8EF 6.2CDEFG 6.3DEFGHI 9.9CDE 6.1DE 14.3BCDE 15.1BC 6.8BCD
Pan bread made from wheat flour 72% incorporated with
Nano-wheat bran (%)
5 4.4AB 8.8A 8.6AB 13.4A 8.8AB 18.2A 18.2A 8.8A
15 3.8BCD 7.7ABC 8.1ABC 12.8AB 7.7BC 16.6AB 16.2AB 7.8AB
25 3.4CDE 7.0BCDEF 6.8CDEF 11.8ABCD 7.0CD 15.2BCD 14.6BCD 7.1BC
Nano-wheat germ (%)
5 3.8BCD2 7.6ABCD 7.9ABCD 12.7AB 7.8BC 16.1ABC 15.3BC 7.8AB
15 3.1DEF 5.8DEFGH 7.0CDEF 12.1ABC 6.6CD 14.4BCDE 12.5DE 6.63BCDE
25 2.5FGH 4.4GHI 5.4FGHI 9.6CDE 5.6DEF 13.4CDEF 11.5EF 5.5DEFG
Fermented nano-rice bran (%)
5 4.0BC 7.3BCDE 7.1BCDE 10.8BCD 6.9CD 13.9BCDEF 13.4CDE 6.8BCD
15 3.6CD 6.1CDEFG 6.4DEFGHI 10.1CDE 6.8CD 12.5DEF 11.4EF 5.4DEFG
25 2.8EF 5.6EFGH 5.9EFGHI 9.5ED 5.8DEF 11.2FG 9.6FG 4.6FG
Fermented nano-carrot pomace (%)
5 3.1DEF 6.8 CDEF 6.6CDEFGH 10.7BCD 6.6CD 14.3BCDE 13.8BCDE 6.6BCDE
15 2.5FG 4.9 GHI 6.0EFGHI 9.2ED 5.3DEFG 11.4EFG 12.1DEF 5.7CDEF
25 1.8GH 4.0 HI 5.0HI 7.9E 4.2FG 11.9EFG 12.2DEF 4.1G
Fermented nano-pomegranate peel (%)
5 2.7EF 5.4FGHI 5.7EFGHI 9.3ED 6.0DE 12.9DEF 11.9DEF 5.2EFG
15 2.3FGH 4.5GHI 5.2GHI 8.0E 4.5EFG 11.9EFG 11.3EF 5.3EFG
25 1.7H 3.7I 4.9I 7.9E 3.8G 9.1G 7.8G 4.9FG
  1. Values in the same column followed by different letters are significantly different (p < 0.05)