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Table 3 Efficacy of different treatments against sucking pests of betel leaf (mean of three sprayings)

From: Sustainable management approach for sucking pests control in betel leaf of Bangladesh

TreatmentsNo. of black fly/vine% reduction over controlNo. of white fly/vine% reduction over controlNo. of red mite /vine% reduction over controlNo. of mealy bug /vine% reduction over control
Sanitation + spinosad + abamectin3.51d78.062.23de74.401.92 cd73.660.91d87.15
Sanitation + azadirachtin + antario7.55c52.813.60c58.673.11c57.343.92b44.63
Sanitation + abamectin + fytoclean11.43b28.564.92b43.515.14b29.491.75 cd75.28
Sanitation + fizimite + antario3.11d80.561.33e84.731.28d82.440.64d90.96
Farmers practice6.86c57.132.95 cd66.132.97 cd59.262.60c63.28
Untreated control16.00a8.71a7.29a7.08a
Level of sigf.********
CV (%)6.95 10.1017.6316.43
  1. Data represent mean of three observations. Mean followed by the same letter(s) in the same column did not differ significantly from each other at 1% level by DMRT