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Table 1 Monthly distribution of meteorological parameters and insect population buildup in betel leaf during January to December 2018

From: Sustainable management approach for sucking pests control in betel leaf of Bangladesh

Observation MonthAverage temperature (°C)Relative humidity (%)Average rainfall (mm)Mean no. of insect population/vine
Black flyWhite flyRed miteMealy bug
January 201818.181.593.
February 201822.578.705.
March 201826.676.308.
April 201830.475.9015.812.911.910.7
May 201831.274.512720.516.815.813.7
June 201829.885.543015.211.710.79.6
July 201829.685.155012.
August 201829.387.929210.
September 201828.884.320812.
October 201828.181.419822.717.216.114
November 201825.681.6018.214.313.311.2
December 201819.983.
  1. Source: Meteorological station, Bogra