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Table 1 A comparative account of selenization methods reported for various species of edible mushrooms, in terms of amended Se form, Se load in substrate and bioaccumulated Se concentration in fruiting bodies

From: Nutritional and antioxidant significance of selenium-enriched mushrooms

Mushroom speciesAmended Se formSubstrate Se load (μg/g)Fruiting body Se concentration (μg/g)Reference
Agaricus bisporusNa2SeO34.630Piepponen et al. (1984)
A. bisporusNa2SeO310110.2Stefánka et al. (2001)
A. bisporusNa2SeO3100.3-2.8Prange et al. (2019)
A. bisporusNa2SeO31003.1Cremades et al. (2012)
A. bisporusNa2SeO330-3001300Werner and Beelman (2002)
A. bisporusSelenized yeast10160Dernovics et al. (2002)
A. bisporusSelenized yeast10770.7Gergely et al. (2006)
A. bisporusSelenized yeast35192.7Savic et al. (2011)
A. bisporusSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw compost27122Bhatia et al. (2014)
Pleurotus ostreatusNa2SeO33.257.6da Silva et al. (2012)
P. ostreatusNa2SeO36.419Oliveira and Naozuka (2019)
P. ostreatusNa2SeO325.4261da Silva et al. (2010)
P. ostreatusNa2SeO3100205–213Savic et al. (2009)
P. ostreatusNa2SeO4100154.7–169.3Savic et al. (2009)
P. ostreatusSelenized yeast2542.4–50.2Savic et al. (2012)
P. ostreatusSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw2444.3Bhatia et al. (2013b)
P. sajor-kajuSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw2443.5Bhatia et al. (2013b)
P. sajor-kajuSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw2743.5Bhatia et al. (2014)
P. floridaSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw27.9141Bhatia et al. (2013a)
P. floridaSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw24110Bhatia et al. (2014)
P. djamorNa2SeO325.676Oliveira and Naozuka (2019)
P. djamorSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw24145.4Bhatia et al. (2013b)
P. eryngiiNa2SeO35-104.6–9.3Rodriguez Estrada et al. (2009)
P. pulmonariusNa2SeO356.223. 1Milovanovic et al. (2019)
P. cornucopiaeSelenized yeast2542.8Savic et al. (2012)
P. fossulatusSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw2437.2Bhatia et al. (2013b)
P. citrinopielatusSe-hyperaccumulated wheat straw2426.1Bhatia et al. (2013b)
Volvariella volvaceaSe-hyperaccumulated paddy straw29.735Bhatia et al. (2014)
Calocybe indicaNa2SeO353.2Rathore et al. (2018)
Lentinula edodesNa2SeO31046Gergely et al. (2006)
L. edodesNa2SeO350170Nunes et al. (2012)
Ganoderma lucidumNa2SeO3100–25072Zhao et al. (2004)