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Table 1 Details about cultural practices, cultivars (C), planting time (PT), seeding rate (SR), fertilizer type (FT) and fertilizer level (FL), and crop rotation (CR)

From: Interaction between Fusarium head blight and crown rot disease incidence and cultural practices on wheat in the south of Iraq, Basra province

Field locationCPTSR Kg./haCRFT and FL kg/ha
QMB.25 Nov.160Okra8000
QRSRes.2223 Nov.120None3002000
TI1B.25 Nov.170Wheat000
TI2AG322 Nov.160Wheat10000
TI3AG315 Nov.160Wheat10000
TKR.1 Nov.150Maize1601200
DAG310 Dec.180Maize10000
NRes.2215 Nov.160Sorghum1600160
MSRA.9915 Nov.160Wheat80020
MSPI.9910 Nov.140Legumes160080
ML1AG315 Nov.160Wheat1601000
ML2AGRI S.5 Nov.160Okra000
HMA.9928 Oct.200Maize100060
HAG35 Nov.160Wheat10000
  1. DAP*1 diammonium phosphate (most commonly used binary fertilizer), NPK*2 nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium