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Table 8 Growth performance of experimental groups

From: Nutritional and chemical evaluation of dried pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peels and studying the impact of level of inclusion in ration formulation on productive performance of growing Ossimi lambs

ItemComplete feed mixture (CFM)
Live body weight (LBW)
 No. of animals7777-
 Initial weight (kg)22.5023.0023.2522.750.38
 Final weight (FW, kg)46.00b49.00ab51.00a47.00b0.63
 Total body weight gain (TBWG, kg)23.50c26.00ab27.75a24.25bc0.51
Experimental duration, days119-
Average daily gain (ADG, g/day)197.5b218ab233a204b4.29
Average body weight (kg)d34.25b36.00ab37.13a34.88ab0.45
Metabolic body weight size (kgW0.75)14.16b14.70ab15.04a14.35ab0.14
Feed intake
 Dry matter intake (DMI)
  Kg/ 100 kg LBW3.501a3.292ab3.124b3.214ab0.02
Feed conversion (g intake/g gain) of:
 Dry matter (DM)6.075.444.985.500.08
  1. a, b, cMeans in the same row having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. SEM standard error of mean
  3. dAverage body weight = (Initial weight + Final weight/2). DPP dried pomegranate peels