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Table 7 Nitrogen utilization by the experimental groups

From: Mango (Mangifera indica) seed kernels as untraditional source of energy in Rahmani sheep rations

ItemMango seed kernel (MSK) 
Nitrogen intake (NI), g42.2041.5241.390.30
Fecal nitrogen (FN), g12.289.3511.750.67
Urinary nitrogen (UN), g14.86a13.21a7.64b1.31
Total nitrogen excretion, g27.14a22.56ab19.39b1.43
Digested nitrogen (DN), g29.9232.1729.640.66
Nitrogen retention (NR),g15.06b18.96ab22.00a1.39
NR % of NI35.69b45.66ab53.15a3.33
NR % of DN50.33b58.94ab74.22a4.35
  1. a and b means in the same row having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05); SEM, standard error of the mean