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Table 2 Composition of the experimental rations

From: Nutritional impact of partial or complete replacement of clover hay by untreated or biologically treated rice straw and corn stalks on: 1. growth performance and economic evaluation of growing New Zealand (NZW) White rabbits

IngredientsClover hay (CH) controlRice straw (RS)Corn stalks (CS)
Without Pleurotus ostreatusWith Pleurotus ostreatusWithout Trichoderma reeseiWith Trichoderma reesei
Clover hay33.0022.0011.00-22.0011.00-22.0011.00-22.0011.00-
Yellow corn15.7521.2528.7538.7521.2528.7538.7531.0039.3538.7531.0039.3538.75
Soybean meal17.4018.4019.6520.6518.0019.6520.6519.6521.6521.6519.0.6518.0017.00
Wheat bran16.509.501.250.6010.001.250.6011.000.600.6011.004.255.25
Rice straw-11.0022.0033.0011.0022.0033.00------
Corn stalks-------11.0022.0033.0011.0022.0033.00
Calcium di-phosphate2.052.502.853.052.502.853.052.402.853.052.402.853.05
Sodium chloride0.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.400.40
D.L methionine-
Price, LE/ton2360232523022216232623222246232923232195233922842136
  1. *Each kg of vitamin and mineral mixture contains Vit. A 2.000–000 Iu, Vit. B 0.33 g, Vit. B2 1.09, Vit. B3 150.00 Iu, Vit. E 8.33 g, Vit K 0.33 g, pantothemic acid 3.33 g, nicatonic acid 30.00 g, Vit. B6 2.00 g, Vit. B12 1.7 mg, folic acid 0.039, biotin 33 mg., Cu 0.50 g, choline chloride 200 mg, Mn 5.0 g; Fe 12.5 g, Mg 66.7 mg, Co 1.33 mg, Se 16.6 mg, Zn 11.9, iodine 16.6 mg, and antioxidant 10.0 g