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Table 6 Effect of GA3 and melatonin on head chemical composition of two artichoke cultivars during the two growing seasons of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

From: Response of two seed-grown artichoke cultivars to GA3 and melatonin treatments

TreatmentsN (%)P (%)K (%)Ca (%)Fe (ppm)Mn (ppm)Zn (ppm)
First season (2017/2018)
  Imperial Star (IS)3.48 a0.13 a2.22 b0.55 a51 b20 a29 a
  Romanesco (R)2.70 b0.11 a2.47 a0.54 b54 a21 a27 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin3.12 a0.12 a2.48 a0.59 a52ab21 a29 a
  GA33.13 a0.13 a2.34ab0.55ab55 a22 a28 a
  Control3.02 b0.12 a2.22 b0.51 b50 b19 a27 a
  ISMelatonin3.44 a0.14 a2.29 a0.54bc50 a22 a32 a
GA33.53 a0.13 a2.18 a0.58 b52 a20 a28 a
Control3.46 a0.11 a2.19 a0.54bc49 a18 a26 a
  RMelatonin2.80 b0.09 a2.67 a0.64 a54 a19 a26 a
GA32.73bc0.12 a2.49 a0.51 c58 a24 a28 a
Control2.58 c0.12 a2.25 a0.48 c50 a21 a27 a
Second season (2018/2019)
  Imperial Star (IS)3.23 a0.14 a2.88 a0.56 a49 a16 b25 a
  Romanesco (R)2.58 b0.13 a2.81 a0.57 a44 a20 a26 a
Foliar application
  Melatonin2.99 a0.14 a2.96 a0.59 a50 a21 a30 a
  GA32.88 a0.13 a2.82ab0.58 a48 a19 a25 b
  Control2.83 a0.13 a2.75 b0.53 a42 b15 b23 b
  ISMelatonin3.35 a0.15 a2.93 a0.58 a49 a19 a26 a
GA33.10 a0.13 a2.87 a0.59 a53 a16 a26 a
Control3.23 a0.13 a2.83 a0.52 a45 a13 a22 a
  RMelatonin2.63b0.14 a3.00 a0.60 a51 a22 a34 a
GA32.66b0.14 a2.77 a0.58 a42 a22 a23 a
Control2.43b0.13 a2.67 a0.54 a38 a17 a23 a
  1. Means within each column within main effects and interactions followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 5%