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Table 3 Effect of GA3 and melatonin on head yield of two artichoke cultivars during the two growing seasons of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

From: Response of two seed-grown artichoke cultivars to GA3 and melatonin treatments

TreatmentsEarly yieldTotal yield
First season (2017/2018)
  Imperial Star (IS)5.7 a1614 a20.6 a4130 a
  Romanesco (R)4.8 b1245 b18.7 b3460 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin5.2ab1424 b19.6ab3800 b
  GA35.7 a1561 a20.7 a3999 a
  Control5.0 b1304 c18.8 b3587 c
  ISMelatonin5.7 a1620 b20.2 b4091 b
GA36.2 a1735 a21.9 a4385 a
Control5.3 a1486 c19.8bc3914 c
  RMelatonin4.6 a1228 d18.9 c3508 d
GA35.2 a1387 c19.5bc3612 d
Control4.7 a1221 d17.7 d3260 e
Second season (2018/2019)
  Imperial Star (IS)6.5 a1729 a20.0 a4058 a
  Romanesco (R)5.0 b1284 b18.8 b3527 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin5.8 a1532 a19.8 a3828 a
  GA36.1 a1601 a20.3 a3970 a
  Control5.4 b1387 b18.2 b3580 b
  ISMelatonin6.8 a1790 a20.6 a4033 b
GA36.9 a1800 a21.1 a4258 a
Control5.9 b1597 b18.3 a3883 b
  RMelatonin4.8 d1274 d18.9 a3623 c
GA35.3 c1401 c19.5 a3682 c
Control4.8 d1177 d18.1 a3276 d
  1. Means within each column within main effects and interactions followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 5%