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Table 4 The effect of different time exposure of He–Ne laser irradiation on genomic DNA of dry and wetted moringa seeds using ISSR analysis

From: The influence of He-Ne laser on agro-morphological criteria, ISSR marker and SDS-PAGE of Moringa oleifera

Ser. no.PrimerAllele size range (bp)Total number of bandsMonomorphic bandsPolymorphic bandsUnique bandsPolymorphism percentage
1ISSR-6148–1579 bp241410(232 bp) at 90 min (dry)
(546 bp) at 0 min (wetted)
2ISSR-7202–1413 bp21129(673 bp) at90 min (wetted) (446 bp) at 45 min (wetted)
(204 bp) at 0 min (dry)
3ISSR-8168–1441 bp1211108.33
4ISSR-9206–1609 bp17134023.5
5ISSR-10225–1078 bp1091(251 bp) at 45 min (wetted)10
6ISSR-11188–1264 bp13103(867 bp) at 0 min (dry)23.1
7ISSR-12254–1491 bp17314082.4
8ISSR-13152–1471 bp21516(1333 bp) at 25 min (dry)
(916 bp) at 0 min (dry)
(573 bp) at 45 min (dry)
(310, 164 bp) at 25 min (wetted)
(285 bp) at 45 min (wetted)
9ISSR-16438–1618 bp11110(1681 bp) at 25 min (wetted)90.91
10ISSR-HB9201–674 bp716(201 bp) at 90 min (dry)85.7
11ISSR-HB13288–871 bp12-12(524, 418 bp) at 25 min (dry)100
12ISSR-HB14305–1189 bp725(1189 bp) at 25 min (wetted)
(1092 bp) at 0 min (wetted)
Total number of bands17281911952.91