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Table 1 Effect of four Trichoderma spp. on growth area of strawberry black root rot disease

From: Local Trichoderma strains as a control strategy of complex black root rot disease of strawberry in Egypt

TreatmentF. solaniR. solaniPythium sp.
Growth area (cm2)Reduction, %Growth area (cm2)Reduction, %Growth area (cm2)Reduction, %
Trichoderma harzianum5.0c92.15.3c91.74.2c93.4
T. viride5.3c91.74.5c92.96.2c90.3
T. virinis8.0b87.48.5b86.610.0b84.3
T. koningii5.0c92.14.2c93.46.0c90.6
  1. Figures in a column with the same letter are not significantly (P ≤ 0.05) different using Tukey test