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Table 4 Relative Importance of costs of raising and distribution of groundwater for field sample field crops by source of capacity in New Valley governorate during season 2017/2018

From: Economic efficiency and productivity of lifting and distribution methods of groundwater for wheat and tomato in New Valley governorate

Flooding irrigationSpray irrigationFlooding irrigationSpray irrigation
Quantity of irrigation waterThousand m3/fed5.494.253.522.08
Cost of raising water by dieselPounds/m3131.10131.10131.10131.10
Cost of raising water by electricityPounds/m3156.90156.90156.90156.90
Cost of raising water by dieselPounds/acres719.70557.20461.50272.70
Relative importance%8.995.5355.7136.93
 Cost of raising water by electricityPounds/acres861.40666.80552.30326.40
Relative importance%10.766.6266.6744.19
 Variable cost by dieselPounds/acres8726.0010637.001290.001011.00
 Variable cost by dieselPounds/acres8867.0010747.001381.001065.00
 Fixed costsThousand m3/fed2386.002386.001996.002195.00
Total diesel costsPounds/m311111.0013023.003286.003206.00
Total costsPounds/acres11253.0013133.003376.003260.00
  1. Source: collected and calculated from the questionnaire data for the agricultural season 2017/2018