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Table 2 The relative importance of annual operation and maintenance costs of well of raising the groundwater by the source of capacity in New Valley governorate during season 2017/2018

From: Economic efficiency and productivity of lifting and distribution methods of groundwater for wheat and tomato in New Valley governorate

Power sourceStatementUse of electricity and deep pumpsUse of diesel and conveyor belts
LEMain items (%)Sub-items (%)LEMain items (%)Sub-items (%)
Fuel and maintenanceFuel4898.8834.1068.806026.4040.0070.30
Motor maintenance731.3805.1010.301298.278.6015.10
Maintenance of belts and tires432.
 Total fuel and maintenance7122.8649.60100.008577.4757.00100.00
 Total employment3888.0027.10100.005310.7935.30100.00
Oils and lubricantsValue of oils1728.0012.0051.600.000.000.00
Diesel and oil filters972.006.8029.10864.005.7073.90
 Total oils and lubricants3348.0023.30100.001169.107.80100.00
Total operating and maintenance costs14358.80100.000.0015057.00100.000.00
  1. Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Economic Affairs Sector, unpublished data