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Table 1 The relative importance of investment costs required to raise groundwater by source of capacity in New Valley governorate during season 2017/2018

From: Economic efficiency and productivity of lifting and distribution methods of groundwater for wheat and tomato in New Valley governorate

Power sourceStatementUse of electricity and deep pumpsUse of diesel and conveyor belts
LEMain items (%)Sub-items (%)LEMain items (%)Sub-items (%)
Motor and lifting equipmentPrice of buying and transporting pump3240.0013.2927.154266.009.8511.62
Price of buying and moving motor7128.0029.2359.734071.609.4211.09
Cost of pump chassis432.001.773.62518.401.201.42
Cost of motor chassis378.001.553.17432.000.991.18
Cost of tires410.001.683.430.000.000.00
Cost of belts345.6.1.422.900.000.000.00
Price of converter and components0.000.000.0027413.9663.3574.69
 Total value of motor and lifting equipment11934.0048.94100.0036701.9684.81100.00
Harpoons and pipesPrice of ground pipes3066.1212.5748.412700.006.2482.78
Price of pumping tubes561.602.308.87561.61.3017.22
Cost of installing pipes1782.007.3128.
Cost chiming237.600.973.750.000.000.00
Cost of packaging410.401.686.480.000.000.00
Cost of salinity tests275.401.134.350.000.000.00
 Total value of pipes6333.1225.96100.003261.67.54100.00
BuildingsCost of ground2160.008.6835.291188.002.7435.87
Cost of building Bayyara2718.3611.1544.420.000.000.00
Cost of motor room918.003.7615.001800.404.1654.35
Cost of distribution basin324.001.335.29324.000.759.78
 Total value of building Bayyara6120.3625.10100.003312.047.65100.00
Total of investment costs24387.48100.000.0043275.56100.00
  1. Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Economic Affairs Sector, unpublished data