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Table 2 The vegetative growth traits of five peanut cultivars during two seasons at 100 days for five replicates at each season

From: Assessment of growth and productivity of five peanut cultivars and genetic diversity using RAPD markers

Traits cultivarsPlant height (cm)Number of branches/plantNumber of leaves/plantDry weight of leaves/plant (g)Dry weight of branches/plant(g)Dry weight of plant (g)Leaf area/plant (cm2)Leaf area indexCrop growth rate (g/day)
First season
 Giza-541.4d7.2bc161.2d18.4b16.3d71.6c131.6d0.12 a5. 3ab
 Giza-646.8ab8.6 a212.2a23.2a25.1a87.6a157.9a0.13a5.9 a
 Gregory42.6cd7.6abc175.0c19.7ab19.2c85.8a143.1b0.12 a5.7 a
 Ismailia-143.6c6.8c172.2c18.9b18.1cd77.9b139.6bc0.12 a5.4 ab
 R9247.6a8.0ab204.4b22.2a22.9b86.3a159.6a0.13 a5.8 a
Second season
 Giza-541.6 d7.6a183.6e19.0c20.7c75.6c143.1d0.12 a5.8c
 Giza-647.4a8.8a240.8a25.1a27.1a92.3a169.5b0.13 a6.6a
 Gregory43.2c7.8a220.6c23.1b25.9ab88.4ab158.3c0.13 a6.0bc
 Ismailia-146.8ab7.4a195.4d20.1c23.8bc79.9b154.8c0.13 a6.5a
R9247.8a8.4a235.2b23.7b26.6ab91.8a175.6a0.13 a6.3ab
  1. Means with the same letter(s) in the column are not significantly different by Duncan’s new multiple range test (P < 0.05)