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Table 3 In vitro gas production of raw and replacement levels of urea-treated CPHM diets

From: Nutritional potentials and in vitro estimation of composite cocoa pod husk-based diets for ruminants

Gas volume (ml)
Diets 3 h 6 h 9 h 12 h 15 h 18 h 21 h 24 h
Raw CPHM 1.67f 1.82e 1.99e 2.13e 2.47e 3.01f 2.89f 2.89f
A 3.33e 4.33d 6.33d 6.33d 8.33d 10.33e 10.67e 10.67e
B 4.67d 5.67c 6.67d 7.33d 9.67c 11.67d 11.93d 12.33d
C 6.00c 6.00c 8.00c 9.00c 11.00b 13.00c 14.00c 14.07c
D 8.33b 9.00b 11.00b 13.00b 16.33a 14.00b 17.67b 17.67b
E 9.67a 11.67a 14.33a 14.33a 16.33a 17.67a 20.00a 20.03a
F 9.69a 11.64a 14.29a 14.32a 16.34a 17.62a 20.01a 20.19a
SEM 0.66 0.81 1.00 1.06 1.13 1.15 1.08 0.97