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Table 5 Effect of seed hardening on photosynthetic pigments (mg/g fresh weight of leaves) and carbohydrate content of shoots (mg/glucose/g dry wt.)

From: Enhancing thermotolerance of tomato plants (Lycopersieon esculentum mill) by heat hardening of seeds

Treatments Parameters
Temp. (°C) Exposure period (h) Ch1a Ch1b Ch1 a + b Carotenoids Reducing sugars Sucrose Polysaccharides
Control 0.563e 0.225d 0.788fg 0.217f 18.26e 32.11d 137.90a
50 0.5 0.565e 0.210e 0.785g 0.222ef 18.01e 30.92d 140.73a
1 0.580d 0.232cd 0.812e 0.231de 24.43b 36.35b 125.62c
2 0.603c 0.230cd 0.833d 0.238d 22.37cd 34.55c 112.06d
60 0.5 0.581d 0.226d 0.807ef 0.239d 22.37cd 38.07b 114.14d
1 0.642b 0.230cd 0.872bc 0.299a 27.14a 46.14a 89.96f
2 0.683a 0.250a 0.933a 0.308a 28.22a 44.92a 103.15e
70 0.5 0.611c 0.248ab 0.883b 0.285b 22.55c 38.22b 112.36d
1 0.642b 0.241bc 0.859c 0.268c 21.06d 34.57c 113.20d
2 0.617c 0.238bc 0.855c 0.262c 22.14cd 31.91d 131.09b
L.S.D at 5% 0.014 0.011 0.020 0.009 1.32 1.76 5.07