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Table 2 Efficiency of biosurfactants of the ten selected isolates to remove heavy metals from wastewater

From: Bacterial biosurfactant from Citrobacter freundii MG812314.1 as a bioremoval tool of heavy metals from wastewater

Heavy meals Biosurfactant-producing bacterial isolates  
BS3 BS9 BS12 BS17 BS33 BS34 BS37 BS42 BS43 BS55 MSE
Heavy metals removal (%)
Aluminum (Al2+) 82.0bc 78.5d 83.3b 79.8cd 83.4b 83.4b 87.4a 81.5bcd 81.3bcd 82.2bc 0.98
Cadmium (Cd2+) 13.9f 19.9de 30.0b 20.9d 19.9de 19.5de 39.9a 22.7c 18.9e 24.3c 0.56
Copper (Cu2+) 10.3de 11.0bc 8.10g 10.7cd 9.80ef 2.10h 19.2a 11.3b 9.70f 9.30f 0.19
Iron (Fe2+) 19.3f 21.3d 31.3b 24.3c 18.3g 11.3h 33.8a 20.3e 11.0h 21.1d 0.25
Lead (Pb2+) 51.0b 6.70j 23.8h 41.7d 32.5f 46.4c 56.8a 36.9e 29.2g 16.4i 0.29
Manganese (Mn2+) 15.8e 17.9d 20.8b 19.3c 11.5f 15.0e 25.3a 20.1bc ND ND 0.27
Zinc (Zn2+) 43.1c 20.5i 28.7g 41.8d 45.1b 43.2c 49.2a 38.0e 33.5f 28.0h 0.20
  1. Mean having similar letters in each row are not significantly different (P < 0.05)