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Table 1 Phytochemical investigation of ethanolic leaf extract of Ranunculus laetus

From: The prophylactic effect of Ranunculus laetus (Wall)-mediated silver nanoparticles against some Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria

Phytochemicals Tests R. laetus
Primary metabolites Carbohydrates Molish’s test ++
Fehling’s test ++
Barfoed’s test ++
Benedict’s test ++
Amino acids and proteins Ninhydrin test ++
Biuret’s test
Millon’s test ++
Secondary metabolites Alkaloids Mayer’s test
Wagner’s test ++
Hager’s test
Dragendroff’s test ++
Terpenoids Salkowski test ++
Libermann-Burchards test ++
Flavonoids Lead acetate test ++
Alkaline reagent test ++
Shinoda test ++
Tannins and phenolic compounds FeCl3 test ++
Nitric acid test ++
Gelatin test
Dilute iodine solution test
Saponins Froth test ++
Glycosides Legal’s test ++
Keller-Killani test
Borntrager’s test ++
  1. ++ present, − absent