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Table 2 Effect of laser radiation on in vitro shooting and rooting behaviors of Eustoma grandiflorum plant

From: In vitro laser radiation induces mutation and growth in Eustoma grandiflorum plant

Doses (min)
Number of shootlets per plant Length of Shootlets (cm) Number of leaves/shootlets Rooting (percentage) Number of roots/shootlet Length of roots (cm)
Control 1.22bc 3.22ab 24.55bc 67a 2.77bcd 3.12d
5 min green 3.11abc 4.22a 28.55bc 89a 4.106abcd 4.44bcd
10 min green 2.106abc 1.88b 27.44abc 78a 4.77abc 15.91a
20 min green 1.33abc 3.49ab 29.33abc 89a 2.99abcd 6.38bc
25 min green 2.22abc 2.61ab 26.22abc 89a 3.99abcd 3.71cd
5 min blue 1.11c 3.99a 20.89c 100a 5.77a 3.086d
10 min blue 3.23abc 3.22ab 22.77c 89a 5.55ab 3.21cd
20 min blue 3.67a 2.77ab 23.44bc 89a 3.89abcd 1.84d
25 min blue 3.55ab 2.49ab 25.44abc 78a 2.33cd 4.33bcd
5 min red 3.23abc 3.74ab 34a 67a 3.22abcd 7.38b
10 min red 1.33abc 2.77ab 21.88c 89a 2.99abcd 3.44cd
20 min red 3.106abc 4.27a 32.77ab 89a 3.21abcd 2.25d
25 min red 1.806abc 3.64ab 24.55bc 89a 1.66d 4.88bcd
  1. Means within a column having the same letters are not significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range test (DMRT) at 5% level