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Table 4 Comparison of vitamine D receptor genes between groups

From: Phenotype of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms, impact of feeding flaxseed oil, and osteoporosis in ovariectomised diabetic rats

Parameter bsm1 fok
Normal control BB (33.3%) FF (50%)aa
Diabetic Bb (66.6%)bb Ff (50%)b
Diabetic flaxseed Bba FF
Ovariectomised BBa Ff
Ovariectomised-diabetic flaxseed Bbcc Ffc
  1. aSignificant differences at p < 0.05 vs. normal control
  2. bSignificant differences at p < 0.05 vs. diabetic group
  3. cSignificant differences at p < 0.05 vs. ovx-diabetic