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Table 3 Students' perception of digital dentistry

From: Perception, awareness, and attitude toward digital dentistry among pre-dental students: an observational survey

Does digital dentistry provide more precise results than conventional dentistry?  
Yes 93.8%
No 6.2%
What does CAD/CAM stand for?  
Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing 65.6%
Computer-aided dentistry and computer-aided medicine 21.9%
Computer-analyzed dentistry and computer-analyzed medicine 9.4%
Computer-adapted dentistry and computer-adapted medicine 3.1%
Do you see digital dentistry revolutionizing the workplace?  
Yes 100%
No 0%
Do you have any prior knowledge of digital dentistry?  
Yes 48.5%
No 51.5%
Do you consider yourself skillful in using technology?  
0–4: Beginner 6%
5–7: Skilled 45.5%
8–10: Proficient 48.5%
How much do you think digital dentistry has improved work efficiency in the lab?  
0–5: Decreases efficiency 12.1%
6–8: No difference 45.5%
9–10: Increases efficiency 42.4%