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Table 3 System information

From: Assessment and performance analysis of roof-mounted crystalline stand-alone photovoltaic (SAPV) system at selected sites in South Africa

PV field orientation Models used   User’s needs  
General information: stand-alone
Installation type Roof mount Transposition Perez    Daily consumption (kWh/Day) 2.56
Azimuth/inclination 0° (north)/30° Diffuse Perez, meteonorm    Controller  
Horizon   Circumsolar Separate    Technology MPPT
Free horizontal No shading At operating conditions (50 °C)      
PV module   Pmpp (kWp) 2325 U mpp (V) 64 I mpp (A) 36
Manufacturer CSI Solar Unit Nom. Power (Wp) 320    Nominal (STC), kWp 2.560
Model CS1-320MS Number of PV modules (units) 8    Modules 4 Strings × 2 In series
PV module type cSi—monocrystalline silicon Designed system size (kWp) 10     
Total PV power
Nominal (STC) (kWp) 3 Total number of modules 8    Module area (m2) 13.5
Cell area (m2) 13       
Manufacturer   Model      
Technology Lead acid, seal, gel Voltage (V) 48    Stored energy (kWh) 47.5
Number of units 6 in parallel × 4 in series Capacity (Ah) 1200    Temp coeff – 0.5 m V/℃/Elem
Charging, SOC = 0.90/0.75 (V) 53.7/51.3 Discharging SOC = 0.2/0.45 (V) 47.8/49.7    Threshold command SOC calc
  1. Here, STC is the standard test conditions; SOC is the state of charge estimating; Pmpp (kWp) is the power at maximum power point; Umpp (V) is the voltage at the maximum power point, and Impp is the actual amperage at MPPT