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Table 5 Antimicrobial activity of B. salicina in combination with other plants

From: Phytochemical constituents and pharmacological activities of Breonadia salicina (Vahl) Hepper and J.R.I.Wood (Rubiaceae)

Plant/Combination Combination ratio MIC (mg/mL) References
Ozoroa sphaerocarpa 1.20  
 Syzygium cordatum 1.44  
 Breonadia salicina 10.89 Sibandze et al. (2010)
Ozoroa sphaerocarpa 1:1 1.67 Sibandze et al. (2010)
 Breonadia salicina    
Ozoroa sphaerocarpa 1:1 0.33 Sibandze et al. (2010)
 Syzygium cordatum    
 Breonadia salicina 1:1 1.00 Sibandze et al. (2010)
 Syzygium cordatum    
Ozoroa sphaerocarpa 1:1:1 0.44 Sibandze et al. (2010)
 Breonadia salicina    
 Syzygium cordatum    
  1. MIC minimum inhibitory concentration