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Table 4 Pharmacological activities of B. salicina

From: Phytochemical constituents and pharmacological activities of Breonadia salicina (Vahl) Hepper and J.R.I.Wood (Rubiaceae)

Activity Organism Parameter References
   Methanol extract (MIC in mg/mL) Aqueous extract (MIC in mg/mL)  
Antibacterial B. subtilis 1.5 2.5  
  E. coli 2.5 2.5  
  P. aeruginosa 3.0 2.5 Al-Qurainy et al. (2013)
  S. aureus 2.0 2.5  
  S. sonnei 1.5 2.5  
   Acetone extract (MIC in mg/mL) Ursolic acid (MIC in mg/mL)  
Antifungal P. expansum 1.25 0.13  
  P. digitatum 0.16 0.25 Mahlo and Eloff (2014)
  P. janthinellum 0.08 0.13  
Antitrypanasomal T. b. brucei Ethanol extract (lethal dose)   Sani et al. (2018)
   0.5 mg/mLat 40 min   
Cytotoxicity Vero monkey kidney cell Chloroform extract (IC50 in μg/mL) Ursolic acid (IC50 in μg/mL) Mahlo et al. (2013)
   82 25  
  1. MIC: minimum inhibitory concentration; IC50: median inhibitory concentration