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Table 1 Preliminary phytochemical evaluation of EMZSB

From: Screening of Manilkara zapota (L) P. Royen stem bark ethanolic extract for in vitro α-glucosidase inhibition, preliminary antidiabetic effects, and improvement of diabetes and its complications in alloxan-induced diabetes in Wistar rats

Preliminary test Inferences
Tannins and phenolic compounds ++
Saponin +
Fats and oils
Proteins +
Amino acids +
Volatile oils
Steroid +
(a) Anthraquinone glycosides ++
(b) Cardiac glycosides +
(c) Cyanogenetic glycoside
(d) Saponin glycosides +
(e) Coumarin glycosides
Flavonoids +++
Alkaloids +
Terpenoids +
  1. +: Present, −: Absent