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Table 3 Description of the various enzymes used for the target fishing

From: Theoretical activity prediction, structure-based design, molecular docking and pharmacokinetic studies of some maleimides against Leishmania donovani for the treatment of leishmaniasis

S. no Enzyme Organism PDB ID Resolution (Å)
1 Ribokinase L. donovani 5ZWY 1.95
2 Pteridine reductase (PTR 1) L. donovani 2XOX 2.50
3 O-acetyl serine sulfhydrylase L. donovani 3SPX 1.79
4 Pyridoxal kinase/ADP and pyridoxine complex L. donovani 6K91 2.00
5 UMP synthase L. donovani 3QW4 3.00